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Striving for

at the core
of success


Striving for

Who we are

We are a global market leader in endovascular stents.

What we do

We offer full in-house contract stent manufacturing and related services.

How we do it

We are committed to achieve the highest customer ratings.


Your partner in stent technology

Fortimedix is a global market leader in contract stent manufacturing. Nobody knows more about producing endovascular stents than us. We were founded in 1999 in The Netherlands and we have been a trusted partner in the medical device industry for nearly two decades.

Highest customer satisfaction

We are known for state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and dedication to operational excellence and unsurpassed customer service. We are ranked as a top rated supplier for product quality, delivery performance, responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction.

Operational excellence and continuous improvement

As an innovative and technology driven company, we are committed to operational excellence and continuous improvement by applying the principles of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Novel instrument technology creation & development

Our sister company, Fortimedix Surgical, is a fast growing medical device company aiming to challenge the status quo in minimally invasive surgery by creating novel devices that capture the claimed benefits of single-port surgery. Visit the Fortimedix Surgical website to learn more about Fortimedix Surgical and symphonX™, the world’s lowest profile single-port surgery solution.


Manufacture endovascular stents

Fortimedix manufactures premium coronary and peripheral stents in the most efficient way possible. Our superior manufacturing capabilities, in combination with product testing expertise and vendor managed inventory services, allow our customers to maximize flexibility and minimize risk.

Flexible production capacity

As a leading contract manufacturing partner, we offer flexible just-in-time production capacity and economies of scale in a collaborative approach, enabling customers to leverage our expertise, lower their costs and avoid inefficient expenditures in infrastructure.

Core Competencies

With full in-house control over key stent manufacturing technologies, including laser cutting, electropolishing and heat treatment techniques, our core competencies meet at the crossroads of applied micro technology, materials science and medical device technology. Tight quality controls and in-house product testing capabilities ensure our stents exceed the highest quality standards.



Our commitment to the endovascular stent industry has allowed us to focus on successfully building and managing long-term partnerships with customers throughout the world to achieve the highest customer ratings. Yet we are driven to do even better.

We offer our clients:

  • Best in class product quality
  • Ultimate delivery performance
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Unsurpassed service
  • Economies of scale
  • Scalable & flexible capacity

Lean Six Sigma

We are successfully applying the principles of operational excellence by means of Lean Six Sigma. This is a methodology that enables world-class manufacturing (WCM) and continuous process improvement (CPI) to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and performance ratings.

The highest quality standards

We don’t just comply with regulations; we live up to the highest quality requirements of our own and strive for unsurpassed quality, consistency and responsiveness. Please find our certifications below. Click on the link to download the certificate in PDF format (pdf reader required).

ISO 13485:2016

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